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The Cambridge Mill Wedding Photography | Forever Bride

What a beautiful Cambridge Mill wedding Carolyn and Josh had last weekend. After all this freezing, mother nature was nice enough to make the temperatures somewhat bearable to go out and get some gorgeous snowy portraits!

Carolyn is the luckiest bride I’ve met because this was actually her second wedding in two weeks! That’s right ladies, she got to wear her dress more than once!!

I always say that it should just be “tradition” for new brides to be allowed to wear their dress every day for the entire week after. I mean, its the most beautiful and expensive piece of clothing we’ll ever own, and yet it’s worn for half a day and is hidden away for years to come? I say lets wear it to work, the grocery store, the gy— ok well maybe not the gym, but you get my point. Lets get some mileage out of our princess status!

Anyway, lucky Carolyn got to do just that, because they were able to take a cruise for the first portion of their wedding, and had a second celebration at the Cambridge Mill to be with all of their friends and family who couldn’t attend the cruise!

I was so happy to be apart of the festivities!


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