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Guelph Wedding & Newborn Photographer

Hello! My name is Ashley Renée Faye! I’m a Guelph Wedding Photographer and Family & Newborn Photographer.

I love all things creative which is what led me to a career in portrait and wedding photography. After studying at Humber College in Creative Photography I worked with many wedding and portrait photographers and decided to venture on my own in 2007.

Guelph Wedding Photography | Ashley Renee Photography

I love people. I love capturing the connections that loved ones have with one another. Whether it’s a new love, your first born, your first moments as husband and wife, laughing with your best friends, or chasing your toddler down a dusty path; I want to capture it all.

Guelph Family Photography Ashley Renée Photography

To me, photographing your wedding is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I am addicted to the incredible emotion and love that will fill your day. I live for the quiet moments of anticipation while getting ready. I am moved by the energy that comes from seeing your new husband or wife for the first time. And I am humbled, watching you coming together at the end of your long and fabulous day to realize how incredible and full of love you feel! There are so many amazing wedding venues in the Guelph and surrounding area, and each location that I’ve photographed offers a new love story to unfold.

After you are married, you will feel blown away by the intense love that you will feel that day. Your friends and family will be pouring you with every wish of happiness for you and your new marriage. It is a pretty amazing thing to have all your loved ones in one place for your wedding and it’s a high that you will have trouble replacing again.

Guelph Wedding Photography | Ashley Renee Photography

You might think that nothing could ever top that, until the day that you become a parent and everything else pales in comparison. There is so much that goes on when you have a newborn baby for the first time that it’s hard to believe how fleeting those newborn weeks are and how quickly that tiny little football will be off to kindergarten, College, or bringing home their own little one. Of every moment in your baby’s life, having newborn portraits is one of the most rewarding keepsake to hold on to.  Newborn sessions can be held at my studio in Guelph, or in the comfort of your own home for those who are looking for ways to make their first week home with baby a little less hectic. The Newborn session can take some time, but in the end the precious images of your baby’s tiny features will be cherished for a lifetime!

Guelph Newborn Photography Ashley Renée Photography

Thanks for dropping by and for taking a look around! I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your story while sharing in your most precious family moments. Like you, my family portrait wall is my favourite thing in my entire house. I am a newlywed in Guelph, living with my musician husband and two of the softest cats you’ll ever meet! Together we see the beauty in the ordinary and try to live our lives each day without compromising our passion for art!

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